Five-Minute Friday – Glue


I once had to make a dinghy.  I learned how to mix two-part epoxy resin, spread it onto the laths of the dinghy and hold it together tight until the epoxy had cured.  It took ages, and was a work of love!  What I learned, however, was that epoxy resin is a very hard ‘glue’.  If its’ ‘host’ is flexible, it will crack, as it has no elasticity.  This speaks to me of the kind of glue that holds us all together – love.  It has to be strong, but it also has to be flexible if it is not to crack under the pressure of the movement of those around us whom we love. No-one can be forced to love. Love that is hard and insists on its’ own terms is not true love.  It is dictatorship.  And no-one can demand love.  Love is freely given and the recipient choses to receive it.  There is give and take. It’s a bit like that with God.  He loves us with a love that is so strong it will hold in the fiercest storms, but it is not forced upon us.  It is freely given, and we just need to freely receive itImage.



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